High Net Worth Apartments, Clifton, UK

DBK were requested to support a pilot job run by a large UK loss adjusting company. The property was a block of apartments in a high-value area of Clifton in the UK. The escape of water took place in the third floor flat and ran down throughout the entire property in a central column.

The job had originally been contracted to another drying company who had installed equipment in the Basement Flat. The equipment installed was deemed to be insufficient to dry the entire Basement Flat and was switched off and replaced by ΩDBK Drymatic equipment. The original contractor had quoted approx. 8-12 weeks for the drying.

DBK installed the ΩDBK Drymatic System into the property using heat and air-exchange to accelerate the evaporation process. Target drying was used in heavily water damaged areas to bring them back in line with the rest of the drying program.

The owner of the Basement flat was a recording artist and had a studio in the sub-basement flat. He was extremely concerned about opening windows in the property due to the value of the contents so we were unable to extract the Exhaust Hose via a window.

However, there was a shower room in the property which was turned into a condenser chamber for the warm moist air. The cubicle was sealed with the hose exhausting into the shower. The moisture condensed and exited the property via the drainage system.

The equipment was installed along with the Caption Data Hygronet System which allowed us to Remotely Monitor the conditions within the property. The system gives real time data which reduced the need to visit the site on a daily basis. If any equipment was powered down we would see the changes in conditions on the web bureau and could make site visits accordingly.

Over a period of 4-5 days the property was brought back into a state of dryness with no strip out required.