Drymatic Boost Bar Adapters

Drymatic Boost Bar Adapters

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This product includes:

  • 4-Port Adaptor Kit

  • Drymatic Accessory bag

Drymatic Boost Bar’s 4-Port Adaptor gives you the ability to take four separate 100mm channels of airflow to different areas of water damage.

The Adaptor accepts both flexible hoses and lay flat ducting to give you even more versatility. The Drymatic Range of Adaptors allow you to channel your heated airflow into kitchen cabinetry, cavity walls, subfloors, ceiling voids and much more…

INCLUDED 12 x 38mm Drymatic Boost Bar Adaptor; 30m x 38mm Hose; 12 x Plastic Hose Cuffs; 1 x Carry Bag

The kit